Our new webinars reflect our commitment to stay in contact with relevant stakeholders, to press ahead with our lobby activities in the EU and to keep helping and supporting small- and medium-sized accountancy practices to the best of our abilities, even through these difficult time. Slides are available upon request to secretariat@efaa.com

Future of SMPs: Building Digital Competency

15 October 2020, 14:00 CET
Speakers are Martin de Bie and Noël de Rudder. Key topic is the importance of digitalization for SMPs, all the more vital as a result of the pandemic, and how EFAA’s Digital Competency Maturity Model (DCMM) can be used to help SMPs raise their digital competency. The webinar shares initial results, as reported in this recent report on the use of the DCMM, and goes on to discuss what we can learn from these results. The audience is invited to contribute ideas on how best to further promote and develop the DCMM. [click here for the video]

Future of SMEs: Liquidity and Business Continuity

15 September 2020, 14:00 CET
Speakers are Gerhard Huemer, Director for Economic & Fiscal Policy at SMEunited, and Paul Thompson, Director, EFAA. Gerhard shares the key findings from a recent SMEunited survey, including that lack of liquidity and insolvency are major concerns for SMEs, and Paul explains how SMPs can help SMEs maintain liquidity using business-continuity tools. [click here for the video]

Future of SME Auditing: Implications of COVID-19 and Standard for Audits of Less Complex Entities

23 July 2020, 14:00 CET
Speakers are Willie Botha, Technical Director, IAASB and Beverley Bahlmann, Deputy Director, IAASB. They provide insights on audit implications of COVID-19 and they also share IAASB resources (staff alerts etc.) and activities [click here for the video]

Future of SME Reporting: Implications of COVID-19

9 July 2020, 14:00 CET
The keynote presentation is given by Richard Martin, Head of Corporate Reporting at ACCA and Chair of EFAA’s Accounting Expert Group. Richard shares advice and guidance on the accounting and financial reporting requirements that will need to be considered in addressing the financial effects of COVID-19 when preparing SME financial statements [click here for the video]

COVID-19 global survey: Inside business- impacts and responses

22 June 2020, 14:00 CET
The webinar focuses on the survey recently conducted by ACCA to assess developments over the last few months. Special attention is given to the findings most relevant to SMPs and SMEs and to the resources and initiatives ACCA is using to help them. The webinar is a perfect opportunity to reflect both on up-to-date findings that presented by Mike Suffield, Director Professional Insights at ACCA and on SMEunited’s point of view [click here for the video]

EU Financial Instruments for SMEs

22 May 2020, 14:00 CET
The webinar aims to share information on financing opportunities currently available for SMEs at the EU level, on how they are channelled to national level and thus to SMEs, and on other possible schemes, e.g. access to subsidised loans or equity instruments. Gerhard Huemer, Director for Economic & Fiscal Policy at SMEunited, provided the keynote presentation [click here for the video]