COVID-19: EFAA Response

Position Statement and Guidance for SMPs


EFAA COVID-19 Position Statement

EFAA has a particular and irreplaceable role to play in supporting its member organisations and, through them, SMPs. This role is essentially threefold: firstly, to provide a forum for fruitful exchanges and the development of best practice at the European level; secondly, to provide information to its members on European-level developments and policies; thirdly, and not least, again at the European level, to advocate in favour of SMPs. Please see here for EFAA’s position statement on COVID-19

Guidance for SMPs

Across Europe and beyond SMEs and the self-employed are facing acute financial stress.  While SMPs are themselves suffering disruption from the crisis, they remain, more than ever, an invaluable source of guidance and expertise for a range of professional services from audit and accounting through to tax and business advice. Please see here for a specially curated list of free guidance and other resources designed to help SMPs better manage their practices and provide high quality services to their SME clients.