Memorandum for the 2019 EP Elections

SMPs Supporting SMEs for Europe

The European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for SMEs (EFAA) has published the “EFAA Memorandum for Elections to the European Parliament 2019 - SMPs Supporting SMEs for Europe” in which EFAA sets out what it sees as the top priorities for SMEs in the coming few years.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are crucial to the future economic and social prosperity and stability of Europe. Due to their inherent characteristics and their structure they are relying heavily on the advice from their trusted advisors. Small and Medium-sized accounting Practices (SMPs) play this vital role in supporting SMEs through the provision of a range of high-quality professional services. One of the many key functions of SMPs, and their professional organisations, in relation to SMEs is to watch over and help support a political and economic environment in which SMEs can prosper and, thereby, contribute to the European economy and society.

This Memorandum sets out what EFAA believes should be the top 7 priorities for SMEs in the coming few years and explains the role of both SMPs and EFAA in supporting SMEs and what EFAA specifically request to be done by the EU. These priorities are:

  1. Promote Entrepreneurialism

  2. Enhance the Digital Transformation of SMEs

  3. Facilitate SME Access to Finance to Innovate and Grow

  4. Promote Contribution of SMEs to a More Sustainable Economy

  5. Support Internationalisation of SMEs

  6. Fully Implement the Single Market

  7. Shape Europe for SMEs and Shape SMEs for Europe

We encourage Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), policy makers and regulators to apply these priorities in the coming European Elections and beyond to judge the relevance of positions, programs and projects. This will help ensure Europe to have a strong and sustainable SME sector for the benefit of Europe and Europeans.

EFAA strongly supports SMEunited’s Memorandum for the European Elections 2019. Being a member of SMEunited, EFAA focused on those areas in which SMPs have greatest experience on and can play an instrumental role in helping SMEs to thrive.