The (digital) Future of SMPs

How Much Roadmap is there in Europe for SMPs?

EFAA President Bodo Richardt was the author of the article ‘How Much Roadmap into the (Digital) Future is there in Europe for SMPs?’ that headlined in the special July 2018 Platinum Anniversary issue of the journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) alongside those authored by leaders of the global accountancy profession, including IFAC President Rachel Grimes. The article presents an overview of the challenges to SMPs, examines some significant technological trends relevant for SMEs and SMPs and concludes with how SMPs and their professional organisations might best respond to those challenges. EFAA members are welcome to translate and reproduce the article with appropriate citation: a word version is available on request. Later this year IFAC and the Edinburgh Group will both issue reports summarizing findings and insights from their global SMP surveys which EFAA has helped promote. EFAA plans to share any lessons these might have for its members.