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Developing the Digital Professional: Post-conference in-depth analysis from EFAA experts

The mainstream business media is increasingly focused on the implications of advances in technology on the workplace and the professions. For example, “The Future Of Work: Three Ways To Prepare For The Impact Of Intelligent Technologies In Your Workplace” in Forbes. Closer to home many studies, including ones by accounting firms Accenture and Deloitte, predict robotics will eliminate or automate up to 40 percent of basic accounting work by 2020. Set against this backdrop EFAA hosted its international conference, Developing the Digital Professional, in Berlin on 8 June. As far as we know it was the first such event in the world to focus on SMPs and digitalization. It also served as the launch event for EFAA’s Digital Working Group charged with helping its members ensure their SMPs meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities. Read an in-depth analysis of the conference here. EFAA member organisations are welcome to request the word version of this article for their own use for example, as an article in their member journal or newsletter.

Read full article and conference presentations here.