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European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for SMEs.

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  Accounting and Ethics - Pressure Experienced by the Professional Accountant
9 February 2017, European Parliament

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  EFA - CGE - REA - Auditores International Conference and EFFA Annual General Meeting
23 June 2016, Madrid
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  EFAA Roundtable - The New Accounting Directive: A Harmonised European Accounting Framework?
16 June 2016, Brussels

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  EFAA Council Meeting: The Importance of SMPs in a Changing Environment - A Strategic Perspective
26 February 2016, Paris

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  EFAA Conference and Annual General Meeting
25-26 June 2015 Lisbon

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  Ethics Roundtable – Ethics in a Post Crisis Economy: Accountants and their SME clients
3 December 2014, Berlin

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Implementing the New European Accounting Directive: Making the right choices
 14 July 2014 Brussels

  The taxation and accounting issues for SMEs: Taxation, accounting, auditing, administrative and financing specialties of SMEs
June 5 2014, Budapest
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EFAA Conference and Roundtable - The evolution of SMPs and the requirement for skills
beyond technical competence
April 2013, Amsterdam

Exploring Business and Professional Ethics for SMPs and SMEs.
The SME Union of the EPP, in cooperation with UAPME, ACCA and EFAA  
"Facilitating access to equity finance – from trusted advisers to active intermediaries”
26th April, European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels
Françoise Castex, MEP is delighted to host:
SMEs financial reporting: how to reconcile business needs and legislative requirements?
Jointly organised by ACCA and EFAA
21 November, 6.30pm-8.20pm, followed by a cocktail reception
European Parliament (Brussels) room ASP5 G2 translation EN-FR


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2 and 3 November 2011 - EFAA - SAFA conference Delhi
"A Two Day Joint Seminar on SAFA-EFAA Alliance"
EFAA and SAFA (South Asian Federation of Accountants – held a conference meeting in Delhi on November 2 and 3 (see the attached programme) aiming to discuss ongoing items regarding accounting and auditing for SMPs for SMEs as well as opportunities for networking between practitioners of the two Regions in order to promote the growth of international businesses.
EFAA Conference - 12 MAY 2011, in Berlin
"SMPs addressing the financial reporting needs of SMEs and offering non audit services (Reviews and Compilations) to increase effective external communication"
On 12 May, EFAA hosted its second conference of 2011 in Berlin and addressed the financial reporting needs of SMEs and how to assist SMPs in the offering of non audit services (Reviews and Compilations) to increase effective external communication. To read more and to download all the presentations

“Accountants contributing to good financial reporting and challenging their practices to improve quality”

On 20 January, EFAA hosted its first conference of 2011, in Brussels, to discuss the contribution of SMPs to good financial reporting and to encourage their practices to improve quality.  EFAA President Geoffrey Britton opened the event by saying that SMPs were entering a very interesting and challenging period.  The Commission was about to review the financial reporting and auditing framework in Europe and acceptance by SMPs of the necessity for them to provide added value services was absolutely critical.  The move from accountant and auditor to business adviser would need considerable change- management skills for many practitioners and practice staff – and the consequent requirement for accounting education to develop in this direction would be of paramount importance.   To read more and to download all the presentations

London - 13 May 2010 
IFRS for SMEs and Financial Reporting for SMEs in Europe:
a challenge and an opportunity for SMEs and SMPs and for a responsible economic development

The Conference, hosted by AAPA/ACCA in London, 29 Lincoln's Inn Fields, aims to debate with key players the future of the financial reporting in Europe. EFAA has invited IASB, the European Commission, EFRAG, IFAC to express technical and political views. A specific panel discussion will take place with the participation of academics, experts and practitioners to go in depth and analyse pros and cons of the recent proposals for reform of the Accounting EC Directives in the light also of the publication by IASB of the IFRS for SMEs.  To read more and to downnload all the presentations


Brussels - 19 January 2010
“The Growing Importance of Accountants to SMEs in a New Age” 


The conference was composed of 3 sessions. The first session saw a discussion on 2 key elements of SME development: access to finance and financial reporting, based on the results of recent surveys on those issues. The 2 following session  consisted on an exchange of experiences and best practices by practitioners from different countries in relation with the topics discussed during the first session. To read more and to downnload all the presentations


Paris - 15 May 2009
Auditing, Accounting and Advising: the Educational Challenge

On 15th May in Paris, EFAA in cooperation with its French member Experts-comptables de France (ECF) and the Conseil Supérieur de l'Ordre des Experts-comptables (CSOEC) organised a conference on Auditing, Accounting and Advising: the Educational Challenge.


After a welcome message by CSOEC President Joseph Zorgniotti, EFAA President Federico Diomeda opened the conference.


The first speaker Jean-Philippe Rabine from the European Commission's DG Internal Market Auditing Unit spoke about the future of accounting and auditing in the EU. On accounting, he stressed that the revision of the EU Accounting Directives is part of the EC simplification initiative aiming to modernise outdated and burdensome legislation, to eliminate discrepancies, to remedy the lack of consistency and to get rid of costs. Asked about the proposal of the EC to give Member States the option to exempt micro entities from the accounting directives, in particular as regards the preparation and publication of the accounts, which will make the information available only to public authorities and not to the public, Mr Rabine motivated such proposal by the fact that the main partners of micro entities are local partners and therefore a Euroepan public release is irrelevant. To read more and to downnload all the presentations


EFAA Conference - 21 November 2008, in Vienna

'SME finance and relations to banks: the role of the accountancy profession'


On 21 November in Vienna, EFAA organised a conference on "SME finance and relations to banks: the role of the accountancy profession", with special consideration of the consequences of the new requirements set up by the Basel II rules, and considering the current financial crisis. EFAA President Federico Diomeda opened the event stressing that this conference is part of an ongoing project within the EFAA SME expert group on SME relations to banks and Basel II rules, and that it is to be considered as a first step towards the development of concrete results and tools to help small entrepreneurs get a better access to finance. To read more and to downnload all the presentations



Copenhagen - 22 May 2008

"SMEs and SMPs: is the traditional role of the profession challenged?"


On 22 May in Copenhagen, EFAA organised, in co-operation with its Danish member FRR, a conference on ‘SMEs and SMPs: Is the traditional role of the profession challenged?' The aim of the conference was to discuss the role of the accounting profession with regards to the needs of the SME clients. Speakers from SME and industry organisations, practitioners, academics, legislators and standard setter took the floor in two panels on 1) the mission of the profession interpreted by the SME clients and 2) the mission of the profession: a new educational challenge. To read more and to downnload all the presentations


Lisbon - 10 December 2007

"EFAA Conference "Running a small practice in Europe"


The European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EFAA) held its annual conference in Lisbon on 10 December 2007.

The event, called "Running a small practice in Europe", was organised in collaboration with the CTOC and gathered representatives from EFAA members' bodies, professors and practitioners. The aim was to discuss the global situation of the profession in Europe and to share good practices on how to run a small practice and make it grow. To read more and to downnload all the presentations

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